About CTIA and Stolen Phone Checker

CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry. On behalf of our members, we work to combat mobile device theft, collaborating with mobile device vendors, wireless carriers, and law enforcement.

CTIA's Stolen Phone Checker - powered by the GSMA Device Check service - is a public service designed to limit the resale of lost and stolen mobile devices in the United States and to help consumers, commercial entities, and law enforcement agencies make informed decisions about the status of a mobile device.

The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide and the GSMA Device Check service provides the wireless industry with the definitive, single source of real-time lost or stolen mobile device data.

Using multiple source databases, the Stolen Phone Checker helps consumers, commercial organizations and law enforcement agencies in the US to know if a mobile device has been reported lost or stolen. This information is useful to anyone thinking of buying a used mobile device; simply check before you buy at www.stolenphonechecker.org. In addition, law enforcement can check - and hopefully return - found mobile devices to their rightful owner.

You can find out more about the wireless industry's efforts to help consumers protect their mobile devices and the GSMA Device Check service, which powers the Stolen Phone Checker, here: